Hi Candice, Thank you so much for helping me get my Grandma’s dress repaired, cleaned and restored. The dress was yellowed, dirty and smelled like moth balls when I dropped it off. Dave? did an amazing job getting the colour back, and I’m so grateful.


Hello Candice, Just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the cleaning. Superb! I had a very happy bride when I showed her the dress. Your staff noticed a spot on the dress when they where pressing it so they ran it through another cleaning. Had to wait for it to finish but was happy they were so thorough. Dress smelled fantastic!! Thanks again,

Cheryl Martens

Drycleaning By Dave, I can’t thank you enough.

My Mother’s Wedding Gown was in my basement in High River when the flood hit our home. During clean up time I discovered it was floating on the top of all the water. I assumed her gown was ruined and one of her memories of that special day was lost forever. When I dropped it off to your West Springs location it was in a black garbage bag and smelled horrific. I asked the lady working to just try and do the best that she could do. She assured me that Dave would handle the gown personally and that it couldn’t be in better hands as he is Calgary’s only certified Wedding Gown Specialist. At the time I wasn’t sure what that exactly meant, but after doing my research and calling other drycleaners I knew this is who should care for my Mother’s gown.

I was absolutely amazed when I received the call about 12 weeks later to go and pick up the dress. It brought tears to my eyes when I walked into the lobby and was staring directly at my Mothers Wedding Dress. It looked brand new, as amazing as the photographs from her Wedding Day. You will never know how much your company means to me and what you have done for me and my family. I want you to know that even though we were in a time of distress and turmoil your dedication and quality of work was simply outstanding.

Charlotte T

Last summer I helped flood victims for 3 weeks – “mucking out” houses in Bowness, Elbow Park, and High River. One of the most emotional moments I experienced, was when I was tossing a huge pile of trash into a big dumpster. I was standing next to the home-owner in a light rain and a pile of mud, and as I tossed a lump of dirty old fabric into the dumpster, the home-owner suddenly shrieked, “Oh no … that was my wedding dress.” I pulled it back out of the pile of mud, destroyed drywall, broken furniture, demolished cabinets, and other trash. The dress was virtually all stained brown and hung limply in my hands. I said to her, “Maybe if you take it to a really good dry cleaner they could save it.” There was a moment of silence. I thought about “Drycleaning by Dave”, high and dry in my neighborhood up in West Springs. I said, “Let me look after it.” I stuffed the dress in the back of my car, and it was three days later before I was able to get into your store.

When I took in the crusty, brown, dress your associate at the desk shook her head in amazement that it even was a wedding dress. “Can you clean it?” She wasn’t sure, but she made a couple of calls. I couldn’t stay to hear the answer, as I was trying to get down to another friend’s house to help them and had to go. I asked her to do the best you could.
Time passed, and I started to wonder if the dress hadn’t made it through the cleaning process.

Then, just before Christmas, I received a call from your store. The dress was clean. It was just one in a huge pile of clothes that you had been working through after the floods.

When I picked it up, I couldn’t believe it. This dress wasn’t just clean. It was like new!

I took the wedding dress back to the homeowner. She couldn’t have been happier. I told her about your involvement and she just held the dress up high and smiled from ear to ear. As we were driving away, we could see her in the window of her house, holding the dress up and just glowing.

Your team at “Drycleaning by Dave” went above and beyond. Thanks very much for helping me help this homeowner gain back a bit of her life from the floods.

David Jones

I had stains all over my wedding gown from our destination wedding in Mexico. I thought my gown was completely ruined.
When I emailed back and forth with Candice for weeks she was always answering my questions and concerns in such a timely fashion. She was thorough and detailed with all my specific questions.

The icing on the cake was when they came right to my home to give me an exact price and went threw all the stains and processes on how my gown would be treated and cared for.

They even delivered it right back to my home so that I could enjoy my evenings at home with my newborn son. The delivery and pick was completely free.

Thanks Drycleaning By Dave I will recommend your services to everyone I know.

Melissa Tate

Crystal and I got married this past July. We had a great time celebrating with family and friends. But after all the celebrations there was the question of what to do with all of the stuff… Especially the wedding dress? Crystal did some research and found Calgary’s Drycleaning by Dave.

Dave’s offers full wedding gown preservation service which includes handcleaning, an exclusive anti-sugar treatment and packaging. For more information on this service see their weddings gowns page. Dave’s is also a member of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists. Member businesses offer “Truly green, MuseumCare™ ZeroCarbon™  wedding gown cleaning, wedding gown restoration, and wedding gown preservation recommended by couture gown designers worldwide.”

Now, with the flood, it did take about three months to get the gown back; but that’s understandable. Total cost of the service came to $450 CDN plus GST. This included home pickup and delivery.

I particularly like the display box included in the service. The bodice not only displays the gown very nicely, but also ensures that the gown keeps it shape forever.

One of the luxuries I’ve given to myself is getting my work clothes drycleaned and laundered. I have been utilizing the drycleaning services offered by Drycleaning By Dave for several months now. I have tried other drycleaners but for me, his company was just what I was looking for.

Drycleaning By Dave offers competitive pricing and top quality service. They even come to my home to pick up my drycleaning, and deliver it back to my home after it’s cleaned, at no extra charge!

Drycleaning By Dave has secured a long term customer in me because of the outstanding service they provide. Not to mention, once you’ve experienced this bit of luxury, I’m sure you’ll agree, you just can’t go back to doing it yourself. I can’t, I won’t.

Robin Spiers

Thank you for the above and beyond, wonderful, thoughtful, personal, professional, people based service, backed by a perfect outcome of the product.

Rita D.

Huge Thanks
I took my wedding dress to a local cleaners in Calgary and guess what?

They completely destroyed it. On top of it being ripped, torn and still dirty they made me pay the cleaning costs. The owner was completely rude and refused to help in anyway. It’s been four months now and I decided to take my dress to Dave directly. Not only was the staff extremely helpful and understanding but they gave me an incredibly great price for the headache they had to endure on fixing a problem that wasn’t their fault.

My recommendation for future brides is pay the money to have a professional clean your gown, don’t cheap out just to save a few bucks as you will be devastated when they ruin it. I’m so impressed with how my gown was handled by Dave directly and with care and patience he fixed my wedding gown.

Also brides you should know that they are the only certified wedding gown cleaner in Calgary and Cochrane. That should speak volumes when you choose to leave your wedding dress with just any drycleaner. I would know, mine was ruined and thanks to Drycleaning By Dave I have my wedding gown back and looking perfect.

Michelle V.

I wanted to write a quick note stating how appreciative of the service done by your staff and company. I have been going to a cleaner in our neighborhood and after the first time there, they over charged me. When I brought this to the attention of their staff they didn’t know how to fix it. They referred me to the owners of whom I promptly contacted. They never got back. However being that they were literally 1 minute away I kept going back to them as frustrated as I was with the customer service and price. I would get my clothes back wrinkled and non satisfactory most times. Finally I had enough and I wanted a new place. My girlfriend works in Cochrane and thought, hey there is a place by my work we could try.

She brought my clothes in the next day and asked when they could be finished. This was a Thursday and they said Monday or Tuesday. Rebecca asked if possible, could they be done sooner for travel reasons and they said no problem. Then when I got my clothes, they were pressed with care, and even my sweater was nicely folded and packaged well.

My first and overall experience was one of this. That my clothing was taken care of by a family not a business. I again thank your staff for the great and prompt service and my opinions will be shared. You have gained a new reliable customer.

Jason Bates

I really want to thank Jeff and Candice from Drycleaning by Dave. Not only did they do an excellent job cleaning my wedding gown, they went beyond their duties to help me fix the problem I had with the previous wedding gown dry cleaner. My previous dry cleaner did not clean my wedding gown properly (i was able to pull out dirts and hairs from my gown even at my 3rd inspection!!). I googled Drycleaning by Dave online and decided to give them a try. I spoke to Candice and explained to her what happened to my gown with the previous cleaner. Candice immediately pointed out to me the proper way to clean my gown (my gown is a big tulle gown and I spent a lot of $$ on it) was to manually cleaning it layers by layers. Candice told me not to worry and would come to my home to pick up my gown. What impressed me the most is how professional the staffs from Drycleaning by Dave are. Candice even tried calling up my previous dry cleaner to find out why they did such a terrible job. Candice paid the GST for me because the previous dry cleaner refused to refund my GST. From this incident, I can clearly tell Drycleaning by Dave really values thier customers and they will do everything within their power to please their customers and to reduce the stress people have to go thru. I scheduled an inspection appointment where Jeff came to my house and showed me my gown before they boxed it up. Once again Jeff walked me thru how they cleaned my gown and explained to me they are the member of International Fabricare Institute. I am more than pleased with Candice, Jeff and the work they did on my gown. They take their job seriously and always put their customers first. I definitely recommend them to all of my friends.

Mandy L

I contacted Drycleaning by Dave as a referral from a bridal salon that I purchased my dress from. This dress was in need of cleaning, as well as alterations for my big day. Immediately I was given a call back from Jeff. I have NEVER seen such prompt service for a problem that had nothing to do with a company! From that day on, Jeff worked directly with me to ensure I was taken care of. I was given support and suggestions that saved time and money right away. 2 people I contacted about alterations to the gown, stated it was too much work…I was then put in contact with Diane in Cochrane (worth the drive), who was quick, efficient and very affordable. She had no problem with our alterations and was very pleasant and fun to work with. She delivered my dress to Jeff (went out of her way), so Drycleaning by Dave could press and pack my dress for flight (we had a destination wedding). Then after all was said and done, Jeff PERSONALLY delivered my dress to my door, packed and ready to go, across the city even! I have never seen a company that cared so much about people and so willing to help in everyway! Needless to say, my dress arrived at our destination in perfect, clean condition. I would recommend Drycleaning by Dave to ANYONE that expects above average service with a group of fun people at an affordable price.

Thank you so much for making my wedding day wishes come true! In no way was the service I received expected, but was greatly appreciated! You are an amazing company…and truly delivered!


Last year I laundered two very long linen cloths in a washing machine that was losing its bearings, and grease was smeared over both the cloths. I was distraught when I saw them, and I took them over to my local dry cleaner while still wet. He was not a bit confident about any success because of the bad combination of white plus linen plus grease. He was right. The cloths retained the grey streaks. I put them away for about four months, thinking I would just have to take the loss. Then a friend suggested taking them to Drycleaning by Dave. That was where she took all her drycleaning problems, and she thought that he might well be able to return them to their former whiteness. I called Drycleaning by Dave, and the cloths were picked up right away. I didn’t have much hope, since they had now been sitting around so long. However, when they were returned to me, the grease stains were gone? Well, there was one small area that was a light grey along a hem where there were three layers of the linen. What a wonderful surprise. We are using the cloths with pride. Thank you, Drycleaning by Dave. You are awesome!

Marianne Flanagan, Linen Convenor

I was so pleased that I had the opportunity to speak with Dave personally and to review with him his initial evaluation of the dress, and the description of the proposed detailed cleaning process which he was planning to undertake on our behalf. I picked the dress and veil up on Thursday and both Julie and I were totally impressed with the finished product. I know we made the right decision to have this dress cleaned to it’s original condition as it will continue as a focus point in Julie’s upcoming wedding, as well as cherished item as part of our families legacy.

Tim Hill

I just had my coach purse done with Drycleaning by Dave and it came out just like new. I had taken it to many drycleaners in Calgary and they all said it couldn’t be cleaned Thanks so much to the staff that got my favorite purse looking fantastic.

Carole Watt

It is great to have such a friendly environment in Calgary to take our drycleaning to. Keep up the great work.

Lindsay Paller

Q: Can you recommend a dry cleaner for a blouse that is a combination of silk and leather?
– Esther

A: To find out why it’s so difficult to find someone who can clean your shirt, I spoke with the very knowledgeable people at Dry Cleaning by Dave in Cochrane, who specialize in restoring antique fabrics and cleaning wedding gowns.

They explained it’s because the solution used to clean most garments will melt the glue in leather; you need to use what’s called a short cycle. Most mom and pop dry cleaners just don’t do this. Dry Cleaning by Dave does; in fact there’s a great testimonial on their website from a woman who says they saved her mohair and leather Chanel Couture knit jacket that had been ruined by another cleaner.

Without seeing a garment, they can’t say for sure, but Dry Cleaning by Dave was pretty confident they could clean your shirt. They provide free evaluations and an estimate on cleaning any fabric, and they also pick up and deliver in Calgary. Check out their website at drycleaningbydave.ca or contact them at 403-851-5096.

Courtesy of The Calgary Herald

A big thanks to everyone at Drycleaning by Dave for the great job they did on the preservation of my wedding gown. My gown was covered in red wine and I thought I had ruined my beautiful Vera Wang gown. The staff was so kind and they assured me that they would treat my gown with care and get all of the red wine out. When I inspected my gown prior to it going in the chest it looked amazing. Thanks again you have saved and definitely preserved the memories of my wedding day.

Stacey Hansen

I had my Grandmothers wedding gown restored to make flower girl dresses for my upcoming wedding in December. The staff at Drycleaning By Dave treated my gown and me with such warmth and lots of smiles. The Gown looks brand new and my Grandmother would be so proud to see how they cared for and treated her gown. Thanks so much to everyone at the Cochrane location, you guys were fantastic.

Ps. And a big thanks to Candice for returning my emails so quickly and to Jeff for delivering it to me safe and sound. You guys are definitely getting my friends gowns now.

Lisa Maloney

In August of 2010, I decided that my beautiful runway couture Chanel knit coat needed to be dry cleaned to freshen it up. This coat was a gift from my husband and was irreplaceable. I took it to a drycleaner that I had heard was reputable for cleaning designer and couture garments. The drycleaner (just of 24th Street and 90th Avenue S w.) assured me that there would be no problem cleaning it but that they would have to send it to a cleaner they used in Edmonton because there was leather and mohair on the coat.

Originally, the coat was three quarter length and one size larger than I usually wear. I was devastated when I went to pick up the coat. It would have been a miracle if the garment fit a twelve year old girl. Not only had the garment been incredibly shrunk but it was now stiff as a board The drycleaner insisted they would fix it. I waited 2 more months and heard nothing. I decided to call the Edmonton cleaner who, for another month, refused to return my calls. Meanwhile, the drycleaner in Calgary would accept no responsibility for the damage done to my coat. When I finally did get in touch with the Edmonton cleaner, he was unwilling to return the coat or pay for any damages. After threatening legal action, the coat was returned to me in the same ruined condition.

Needless to say, I remained very upset about my once very beautiful coat. I decided one evening to drive over to Drycleaning by Dave and see if anything could be done. Jeff Mills~the Route Manager was already leaving the store as it was after closing. I flagged him down and told him I needed to speak to him. He willingly returned and opened the store and I shared my story with him.

He was very understanding and assured me that he could fix the coat. Honestly, at this point I was apprehensive but after a few months and a few fittings, they did it!! The coat is like new and I am wearing it again!!

All the staff- both in the Calgary store and at their cleaning plant, are very professional, friendly and courteous. I cannot thank them enough for everything they did for me in returning my coat back to its former beautiful state. They now receive all my drycleaning business and I do not worry about any items I bring to them.

It is very refreshing to do business with a company that stands behind their work, is professional and treats people in a courteous and gracious manner. I cannot say enough good things about Drycleaning by Dave. They are fabulous!

Thanks again for everything.

Lisa A. Frehlich

Great big thank you to everyone at Drycleaning by Dave. The James Berg Memorial Fund Poker Tourny greatly appreciates all your generosity.

Dawn Nelson

I spent 7 years in Cadets, and 7 years in the Infantry. I’ve ironed & pressed a lot of clothes in those 14 years. So to say I have a certain standard for drycleaners to meet is a bit of an understatement. In 14 years since leaving the military, I’ve tried out a lot of cleaners – to date, no one has not only met the standard but gone above and beyond than Drycleaning by Dave.

Obviously my clothes come back clean with bit of starch in the collar – that’s a given, nor have my clothes ever been BURNED or returned shiny – a deal breaker with some of the previous cleaners (the first and last time I’ll use them if they destroy a shirt).

With Drycleaning by Dave, it’s the little extras that really set them apart from everyone else… the attention to detail they give to my clothes, the personal touch/personal requests regarding the fold in the collar, the way they pin back the sleeves when I pick up my shirts or the one time I needed an emergency cleaning and a fast turn around because I was flying out of town the next day. It’s the little things like the mints, the Keurig coffee and the fact that they know my name when I walk through the door – you feel your business is truly appreciated.

I know they have a pick and delivery service… and ya, that would be something I could definitely take advantage of, but honestly, I like going to the store, picking up my stuff and saying hi to their staff like Wendy or Jeff! They love what they do and it shows in their service and the quality of their work!

Vince Fowler

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