2023 Monthly Specials

January 20% off comforters & duvets.
February 20% off outdoor jackets & coats.
March 15% off all wedding gown services.
April 20% off rain jackets and sweaters.
May 15% off suits and dresses.
June 20% off sleeping bags.
July 20% off starched jeans.
August 15% off all wedding gown services.
September $1.00 off laundered shirts.
October 3 pants for the price of 2.
November 15% off all wedding gown services.
December 20% off suits and dresses.

Mention offer “DBD2024

Offer can be used on numerous visits during the months the offer is valid.

These offers are available for the entire month as long as the above offer code is presented with the order or when the order is being picked up.

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