Destination Wedding Care & Travel Tips

Traveling By Plane

Make sure prior to boarding the plane you are well informed of the policies and procedures with each individual airline. Many years ago most airlines would allow you to place your Wedding Gown in the captain’s closet or storage cabin, however now this is very rare. We suggest that you either carry your gown with you to place in the overhead compartment or you take it in a separate suitcase that contains only your gown. Make sure that you get plenty of acid free tissue to place in the creases of your gown. You may also want to bring the suitcase you plan to place your gown in and have one of our well educated Wedding Gown Specialists pack it for you.

Packing at Home

If you plan on packing the gown yourself use a suitcase or a large box. Line the entire bottom with tissue and lay the gown face down on the tissue paper. Make sure you spread it completely flat and that there are no creases or folds in your wedding gown. Start to fold your gown piece by piece using tissue paper every time you fold your gown. Make sure that you use tissue to stuff the bodice and sleeves and around the entire gown so that your gown has no possible way of shifting its position when it is carried around. Remember that when you arrive at your destination, take your gown out immediately and hang it on the back of the door while you take a hot shower. This will allow steam to help smooth out the creases from the folds incurred during travel.

Traveling by Car

Most Bridal Shops and Drycleaners will protect your gown with a garment bag, bust form, and tissue paper. Your gown should only need a quick fix when you arrive at your destination. Another suggestion is to wrap your gown in a sheet for safe traveling to protect is from any dirt or stains it may incur in the vehicle. Never Ever lie your gown down flat on the seat at this will crush the bustles, flowers, or special creases on the back of your dress. The weight of most gowns needs to be evened out when traveling by car as you want to maintain the structure and shape of your gown. The best way is to hang your gown on the car hand rail and then drape the bottom half or your gown (waist down) on the back seat of the vehicle. The gown should be hung with the bodice facing the door.

Please remember that your Wedding Day is one of the most special and memorable days of your life. Also remember that your family and friends care about your happiness. They will be admiring you and your beautiful gown. At Drycleaning By Dave we are just a phone call or email away, if you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to contact us.

Wedding Gown Specialist
Candice Mills